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Full-Service Transmission Repair at Wholesale Prices

Full-Service Transmission Repair
Mike's Wholesale Transmission, LLC has specialized in transmission work for over 30 years. We use only highest quality parts and aim to get you back on the road as quick as possible.

Let us show you why thousands of customers have relied on us since 1983. Swing by our shop or call us at 724-339-2444 today!


"My experience with this business was stellar !! I needed a trans repair and was happy to find a place that would actually fix the issue and not immediately suggest a new or replacement trans. I had gone to 3 other places before getting a recommendation which led me here. All the other places just wanted to do a replacement; my car was not worth as much as a replacement trans would cost.

I was happy to find a business who was willing to actually do the work on the trans. I was very satisfied with the service and super happy with the price; about 70% less than a new trans. On a side note, this place is busy..... busy all the time; and now I know why, they do great work.

I was orig told that it would be finished in under a week, which was fine with me but, I had the luxury of another car so I was not going to rush them. All said, wonderful job, reasonably priced and I am very satisfied with the entire transaction."

-Dee D.